Weekly photo challenge: New


This is a challenge for me for 2015. A resolution if you must. To get closer to my subjects and be bolder. I missed so many shots on this cold walk home and not because my hands were freezing but because I wasn’t fast enough or bold enough. If I was closer this would be a better more impactful shot.


  1. I’m also a bit hesitant to get too close to people. I now have a pretty good zoom lens on my camera but miss out on so many good shots because I’m not fast enough or only have my iPhone. You’ve inspired me to take on the same challenge.

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  2. One of the easiest ways of getting closer shots is to talk to the person first, chat and engage with them, and then after a while ask if you can take their photo. You would be surprised how many people say yes.



      1. True, but then again a decisive moment comes along rarely. It was Robert Capa who said that (If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough). But then again, Capa died when he stepped on a land-mine trying to get a better shot, so maybe there is a lesson there also.

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