Day 100 – San Francisco








So far I’ve been here five days. The jet lag is starting to subside. I have until Sunday with Eric Kim (who is awesome) and the street photo group. Then two and a half more days by myself to explore the rest of this crazy city. It’s not what I expected, but that is good, if eye opening. Many mentally ill homeless people who are allowed to stay in the parks and streets (you don’t see this nearly as much in London where we seem to be creating even more harsh environments for the homeless) and the young, hip techies always glued to a phone/ipad. I am learning a lot but of course I really shouldn’t be uploading so much to social media. I need to be selecting my posts much more selectively but as this is also a holiday I want to share my photos with my immediate family and friends. I have hundreds which will get whittled down but I have neglected my blog until today. Best be off as we are meeting in the BEST coffee shop in SF: Bluebottle cafe on Mint Street.