Day 89

P1110109 P1110127 P1110140 P1110141 P1110144

St Mary Aldermary Church, on Watling Street and Bow Lane. Lots of little alleyways around this part of the City, lots of businessmen getting their lunches and tourists who have wandered further afield than St Paul’s. St Mary Aldermary is another Wren church, such a stunning ceiling for such a small building. You can take your own food into their cafe which is part of the working church. A lovely place to eat, they even have the back pews with little tables in them to accommodate lunchtime workers.

Day 81

P1100265 P1100276 P1100294 P1100295 P1100316 P1100325 P1100326 P1100351 P1100352

Strong light, my kind of light! Started off taking a photo of the local car wash and got three annoyed Eastern Europeans (?) asking me to not take anymore. Then a few from the top of the 106 and around Whitechapel. Then onto Oxford Circus/Regent’s Street on a very cold day. Standing on a corner I spied another fellow photographer taking advantage of the lovely light and streams of people near Liberty.

Day 78

P1100036 P1100045 P1100059 P1100083 P1100089 P1100105

Another bright crisp day. I stood outside my work building and started snapping away. It’s great because you get a constant footfall and because people are in their own worlds they don’t really notice. Also we face the back of the cathedral so get many tourists taking photos from our step. I inadvertently caught my boss bringing back his lunch. I was snapping away so much I didn’t really notice! I got a few more further up the road which again is great for contrasting shadow and light. I could have put more of these in the Weekly Photo Challenge as they would all fit!
I just hope the quality of the photos is better on your screens because it looks very fuzzy when I upload them.